digital art by teresa lunt
digital art by teresa lunt
digital artdigital artdigital artdigital artdigital art


These tutorials in image manipulation are intended to give you an idea of how I create my art. I show you the image I started with and some of the key steps in the transformation of the image. Sometimes the transformation is radical, and sometimes it is subtle. I hope this gives you some appreciation for the kind of work that goes into each of my images. Feel free to email me with questions or comments!

I will be adding to this page from time to time, so keep checking back!

    Tutorial 1: California Poppies

    photoshop tutorials

    This tutorial describes how to make an ordinary photograph into a beautiful watercolor painting!

    Tutorial 2: Bridge and Lilypads

    photoshop tutorials

    This tutorial describes how to create a truly unique and unusual work of art from an ordinary photograph!

    Tutorial 3: Art Deco Clocktower

    photoshop tutorials

    This tutorial describes how to create an unusual effect with colors that leap off the page and lines that seem to move before your eyes!

    Tutorial 4: Two Chairs

    photoshop tutorials

    This tutorial describes how to transform a quite literal image to a mysterious one that suggests the movement of missing actors and a piece of a story!

    Tutorial 5: Fishing Boat

    photoshop tutorials

    Here we create a beautifully colored image evoking the mysterious feeling of just past sunset, with a luminous water surface giving the feeling of motion, and undistorted areas anchoring us to reality!

    Tutorial 6: Dappled Trees

    photoshop tutorials

    Here we transform a photograph into a detailed pen and ink drawing painted with washes of color for an effect of dappled sunlight, but retaining a sense of mystery!

    Tutorial 7: Koi

    photoshop tutorials

    We create a composite of several fish from a single fish. Distracting detail is transformed into interesting background texture. Vivid colors bring out the brilliance of the fish.

    Tutorial 8: Martha's Vineyard

    photoshop tutorial

    Remove detail, add glow. Focus attention on beautiful reflections. Add just the right amount of accent color.

    Tutorial 9: Orchids

    photoshop tutorial

    We create a vibrantly colored and unusual image that focuses attention on glowing orchids that seem to leap from the page.

    Tutorial 10: Lilypads

    photoshop tutorial

    Create a colorful image with the appearance of a hand-drawn and hand-colored illustration or woodblock print.

    Tutorial 11: Jelly

    photoshop tutorial

    We create a milky white jelly with the feeling of a glowing life force in its globe, that seems almost lit from within.

    Tutorial 12: Hawaiian Orchids

    orchids photoshop tutorails

    Create a soft, dreamlike image of colorful flowers against a muted shadowy background, with a feel of the wind brushing the orchids.

    Tutorial 13: Clothes Rack

    clothes photoshop tutorials

    Make a picture lively and interesting by mimicking an effect used by film photographers known as cross-processing.

    Tutorial 14: Jelly 2

    photoshop tutorials

    A dreamy, watercolor-like image of a jellyfish, vibrantly colored and with the feeling of an explosion of light originating from within.

digital art by teresa luntdigital artdigital artdigital art

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